Head Instructor – Huu Tran, 4th Dan

Huu Sensei began his Aikido training as a child under Phong Thong Dang Sensei in 1969 in Saigon, Vietnam. He achieved his first degree black belt in 1975. Shortly after relocating to Canada in 1982, he and his brothers opened their own Aikido dojo in Edmonton.  Huu Sensei has over twenty-five years of Aikido teaching experience and has trained people of all ages and walks of life. Many of his students have gone on to have successful professional careers as police officers, firefighters, doctors, or members of the armed forces.  Huu Sensei is determined to pass down his knowledge of Aikido and martial arts to his students. Huu Sensei is dedicated to continuing the legacy of Phong Sensei and strives to cultivate Tenshinkai Aikido in Canada. He regularly travels to Westminster to train with Phong Sensei.

Huu Sensei is a certified 4th Dan by the Aikikai Hombu dojo, Aikido World Headquarters in Tokyo. In addition, Huu Sensei holds degrees in various other martial arts, including a first degree black belt in Karate and a second degree black belt in Taekwondo. He has trained in and teaches Kenjutsu.

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Robert Chapman III, 4th Dan

Rob Sensei currently operates the Aikido program at the Don Wheaton and Castledowns YMCAs in addition to teaching at Bushido Budo Centre. He teaches Aikiken and Aikijo.