Prospective Students

Aikido is unique among martial arts in that almost anyone can practice it. Whether you are involved in sports, have trained in other martial arts, or are completely without experience, our Aikido club has something to offer you. One of our tenets is to work with each one of our students individually and at a comfortable pace. We continuously accept new members, and our current students range in age from 6 to their 60s.

All new students are entitled to a free introductory class, where you will be individually tutored by Huu Sensei. 

If you are interested in practising with us, please contact Huu Sensei and come visit the dojo to watch a class. Drop-in visits are also welcome. Location and contact information can be found on the contact page. We also recommend reading the etiquette and terminology pages to better familiarize yourself with the basics of Aikido training.

When trying out a class, please arrive ten to fifteen minutes ahead of time to introduce yourself to Sensei. Bring drinking water and loose-fitting, easy-to-move-in clothes, preferably with sleeves long enough to cover your elbows and knees.  A T-shirt and athletic shorts will do as well.

We recommend attending at least two classes per week.  We currently offer classes on most days to fit your schedule.