Tenshinkai Aikido Belt Ranking System

Aikido belt ranks consist of Kyu ranks (preceding black belt) and Dan ranks (black belt ranks).
Promotion tests consist of a demonstration of techniques. Students are given a syllabus for each rank which outlines what they will be tested on. However, the syllabus is cumulative, and any previously learned techniques may be requested.


The general prerequisite to taking a promotion test is to attend a specific number of classes; however final discretion lies with the head instructor. Different students will progress at different rates.

White Belt
Yellow Belt (7th Kyu) Nanakyu
Orange Belt (6th Kyu) Rokukyu
Green Belt (5th Kyu) Gokyu
Blue Belt 1st Stripe (4th Kyu) Yonkyu
Blue Belt 2nd Stripe (3rd Kyu) Sankyu
Brown Belt 1st Stripe (2nd Kyu) Nikyu
Brown Belt 2nd Stripe (1st Kyu) Ikkyu
1st Degree Black Belt Shodan
2nd Degree Black Belt Nidan
3rd Degree Black Belt Sandan
4th Degree Black Belt Yondan